June 2015

As facility designed to serve the public, the Almond 20th Century Club Library’s Patron Policy has been established to provide a welcoming, quiet, comfortable, and safe environment for all.

Any patron not abiding by these rules and regulations may be directed to leave the Library premises. If the Library staff deems it necessary, they may contact local police or authorities  in the case of a violation or major infraction. Upon the recommendation of the Library Director, a patron who violates these rules and regulations may be denied future access to the Library by the Board.


  • Patrons shall be considerate of all the persons in the library, including other patrons and Library staff.
  • Library property shall be treated with care to avoid accidental damage or defacement. Deliberate defacement, destruction, or damage to items such as collection materials, electronics, technology, furnishings, and building, or other Library property may result in legal consequences and/or fees equal to replacement or repair costs.
  • A patron may be asked to leave if they commit any aggressive acts in the library hindering other patrons to participate in Library functions or Library activities, or hinder Library staff from completing their duties.
  • Computer use is an included service to all Library patrons. Priority may be given to patrons using the computer for business or school work at the Library staff’s discretion. Rights to use the computer may be taken away per the recommendation of the Library Director if the computer use policy has been violated.
  • No weapons, alcohol, or illegal substances are permitted on library grounds.


  • Children age 10 or above are permitted to use the Library unattended if the proper emergency contact information has been collected by the Library. If the children do not follow the patron conduct policy they may be required to be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. A staff member may also contact the emergency contact if the child is non-compliant.
  • In the case of an emergency, or need for removal, the Library Staff will attempt to contact the child’s emergency contact, if this contact is unsuccessful the Library staff will contact the police or other authorities.
  • The Library Staff is not responsible for any child using the library.


  • All patrons of the library are permitted and encouraged to participate in library programs and events.
  • Programs have suggested age ranges. If a patron outside of this age range attends a program and behaves in a way that hinders the other attendees from participating in this program the patron may be asked to leave at the discretion of the Library Director, or the Program Instructor.Patrons may be barred from attending programs outside of their age range per the recommendation of the Library Director by the Library Board.
  • If any patron acts in a manner that hinders other patrons from participating in an event, or violates any of the above policies, the patron will be asked to leave the program, and may be barred from future programs per the suggestion of the Library Director by the Library Board.


June 2015

The use of Library computers and Wi-Fi internet connection is a right of all patrons of the Library. The Library retains the right to prohibit any patron from using the Library computers if they fail to comply with the Computer & Internet Use Policy. Library staff may ask the patron to terminate their session on the computer in the event of a policy violation. Patrons in violation of policy may be prohibited long term from computer use per the recommendation of the Library Director by the Library Board based on the severity and frequency of any infraction(s).

Library staff does not restrict the use of computers or internet use based on the age of the user. The Library staff also does not monitor the patron’s internet use. Parents and guardians are responsible for any underaged patrons at all times.

Use of the computers may be prioritized for people using them for business or school work per the discretion of Library Staff. A 30 minute time restriction may also be enforced at the Library Staff’s discretion, depending upon the number of patrons requesting to use the computer.

All policies apply to users of the Library’s free Wi-Fi connection as well.


  • Patrons will abide by the Patron Policy, as well as the Computer & Internet Use Policy while using the computer and/or the internet at the Library.
  • Patrons will respect the machines and other Patrons using the computers, as well as the Library, and Library Staff.
  • The following uses of the computer or the internet ARE NOT permitted:
    • Any uses that violate the law.
    • Uses that cause harm to others or damage the Library’s property.
    • Uses that jeopardize the security of the Library’s computer network or other networks on the Internet.
    • Uses that jeopardize the safety or security of minors.
    • Viewing materials that are inappropriate in a public space or attempting to view, read, or censor material being used by others without their permission.